Air Conditioning in Passaic, Bergen, Wayne & Clifton, NJ

Once you have had a reputable air conditioning company in Bergen County, New Jersey ore Passaic County, NJ install an air conditioning system, you still want to follow these tips to control the energy consumption of you heating and cooling.


  • Allow the Apache Air technicians to locate and seal air leaks.
  • Switch to CFL or LED lights. Conventional incandescent bulbs emit a lot of heat. Your rooms will stay cooler if you are using energy-efficient light bulbs at the same time you will be saving electricity over the long haul.
  • Use curtains and blinds by putting curtains and blinds on south and west-facing windows. During the hot days keep the blinds closed. Open them during the cool evenings.
  • Speak with Apache Air technicians. They can help you install programmable thermostats in your Wayne County, New Jersey home. Have them program these thermostats to turn air conditioning off when the household is away. This can save up to ten percent on your cooling costs.
  • Insulate attic access points
  • Call Apache Air and schedule maintenance on a regular schedule.

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