Air Conditioning Servicing Keeps Your Home Healthier

You don't want this growing in your ducts.

You don’t want this growing in your ducts.

Do you know where to find your home’s air filter? Where exactly is this important item located?

HVAC systems should always, always, always have some kind of filtration system to remove dust, dirt, pollen and other particles from incoming air before this air is heated during the winter or cooled during the summer’s heat.

The filtration system not only protects your heating and air conditioning unit, but it also protects the health of your family by making the air cleaner.

All home air filtration systems share one similar characteristic—they MUST be cleaned or replaced regularly to maintain HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality.


Without an air filter, dust, dirt and other debris can easily accumulate inside your HVAC system and ductwork, coating its insides.

A dirty HVAC system can suffer significantly in efficiency and its parts may wear out more quickly when they are not clean.

Furthermore, the buildup of dust, animal dander, and lint inside your HVAC appliances or ductwork can pose a significant fire threat in your home.

Even if you do use a furnace filter, it must be cleaned or replaced regularly.

If you have a dirty air filter the particles reduce the amount of air your HVAC system can draw inside. If this happens it makes the system to work harder and can cause overheating or will wear out more quickly. To restore your indoor comfort, you will need to repair or replace parts more often.

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