Choosing for Air Conditioning Repair in Passaic County, NJ

Choosing a good contractor to install a new furnace or central air conditioner in your Wayne, New Jersey home is as important as the type of equipment you add to your home.  For any brand or type of equipment you MUST have proper installation. You MUST also have proper maintenance to insure the equipment operates safely, reliably and at maximum efficiency.

If you choose a good contractor today to install your air conditioning or your heating, then you will have someone reliable to call in the months and years to come. Not choosing a good contractor might mean you have to bounce around for someone reliable and knowledgeable to come to your home for maintenance.

Apache Air suggests you consider the following:

  • Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.
  • Do not give your business to a company offering to give you an estimate over the phone without ever looking at the job to be done.
  • A well-trained, up-to-date contractor will not try to discourage you from purchasing high-efficiency equipment. Only companies who do not keep their employees current with the latest technology will insist on something less than the new and best designs.
  • A good estimator will do a survey for the air conditioning repair or installation of your Bergen County, New Jersey home and the proposal you receive will be based on a heat-load calculation for heating units or a cooling-load calculation for air conditioning.
  • Central air conditioners as well as heating units need to be properly sized for the homes they serve.
  • A good estimator will ask about any heating or cooling problems you have had with your old equipment.
  • With the heat-load and cool-load calculations, a good contractor should come very close to giving you an estimate on the energy bills you should be expecting.
  • You should receive a written proposal which will outline the equipment to be installed, the work to be done, the labor price and the overall price.
  • How a company treats you directly reflects on how they will treat you if there is a problem.

Dean Schwaner, owner of Apache Air, wants to keep you as a customer and friend for years to come. He is invested in the Bergen County, Essex County and surrounding areas. This is his home and he wants his reputation to always be one of honesty and service.

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