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gas furnace new jerseyGas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are a great choice for those looking to update their current heating system.

Efficiency is key with these gas furnaces that work as part of a forced air heating system.

Picking out the best gas furnace for your home can be a demanding process.  Technicians at Apache can help you evaluate your needs and choose the system that’s right for you.


new heating equipment new jerseyBoilers

When choosing a system to heat your brand new home, you should look at the option of a boiler.

Steam heating is used by boilers to keep your home at a temperature that is very comfortable.

Apache technicians can walk you through the process of selecting a boiler for your home.  Call when you are ready to make the final decision.

AC equipment NJAir Conditioners

A home without central air conditioning is much less desirable than one fitted with a great AC system.

When you’re ready to purchase an air conditioning unit for your home, make sure you get the advice of an experienced HVAC tech before making the final decision.  We know the right questions to ask to ensure that you are making the right choice for your home and your individual needs.


air handler new jerseyAir Handlers

Circulating conditioned air throughout your home efficiently is the job of an air handler.

Many heating and cooling systems rely on this piece of equipment to keep the home at optimum temperature.

Call Apache for advice on purchasing a new system that includes an air handler.


ductless heating and cooling system New JerseyDuctless Systems

Efficiency is driving more people to choose ductless heating and cooling systems.

These products are wall mounted in each room and offer freedom for the homeowner to independently heat or cool each room to a unique temperature.

If you are interested in learning more about ductless systems and how they can help you save both energy and money on your utility bills, give us a call.

thermostat for ac repair NJ

Your thermostat is an integral part of your heating and cooling system.  If your thermostat isn’t functioning properly, or you would like a model with more advanced features, we can help you pick out and install the best product for your home.

zoning for heating and cooling nj

Do you often complain that your home does not heat or cool evenly?  If so, we can help.  We can split up your home into different zones by altering your duct work, then those zones can be controlled independently of each other.